Australian Aboriginal Art

Australian Aboriginal Art Treasure Chest


1. "Learn to Play Didgeridoo"
2. "Aboriginal Art of Australia"
3. "This is Still Rainbow Snake Country"
4. Oz for Kids Curriculum - Projects, Recipes, Lesson Plans, and Fun Activities

DVDs and CDs
5. Paul Taylor: "Walkabout"
6. "Leedi Grasshopper Man"
7. Ancient Mysteries: "Dreamtime of the Aborigines"

8. 12 Traditional Boomerang
9. 12 Aboriginal Art Prints
10. Dot Painting Signed by Artist
11. Necklace Made by an Aboriginal Woman of the Docker River Community
12. Magnetic Dreamings: A Magnetic Art Project Board
13. Animal Figures from Australia
14. Painted Didgeridoo and Carry Bag

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