Ancient Mali

Ancient Mali Treasure Chest

Mali is a country with a rich and varied history, dominated by three famed West African empires - Ghana, Mali or "Manden Kurufa" and Songhay. These empires controlled trans-Saharan trade in gold, salt, and other precious commodities and were in touch with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern centers of civilization. Learn more about this once-great society with a Treasure Chest fit for a king.

1. The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay
2. Can You Spot the Leopard? (African Masks)
3. Activity Book (inside inventory booklet)
4. Ancient African Town Book
5. The Magic Gourd (storybook)
6. My Baby (storybook)

DVDs and CDs
7. Ancient Africa
8. New Ancient Strings - Music of Mali

9. Samples of Gold and Rock Salt
10. Ghost Mask
11. Zebra Mask
12. Female and Baby Chi Wara
13. Terra Cotta Bowl from Ghana and Food Grains
14. Mud Cloth
15. Forms of Currency in Ancient Mali (reproduction)
16. Animal Skin
17. Hand - woven Basket
18. Ivory Coast Gold Ornament
19. Tam - Tam
20. Shekere (sheh keh reh) gourd instrument
21. Thumb piano (mbira)
22. Carved Wooden Drum with Snakeskin cover
23. Floor Cloth for Silent Bartering

Fact Panels
24. Map of Africa
25. Rulers of Ancient Mali
26. Trade Routes
27. Mosques and Islam
28. Mansa Musa and the Haj
29. The Marketplace
30. The Griots of Mali
31. Chi Wara Masks

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