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Sold Out – The Inimitable Winston Churchill
10/13/16 - 7:30 PM
Piedmont Arts

Sold Out

A thorough researcher and prolific author of works that provide insight into the lives of masters of English and American literature, Dr. Engel dug deeply into numerous biographies to discover delightful, yet virtually unknown details of Churchill’s brilliant career – from his well-known double terms as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to his service in the British Army, to his Nobel Prize-winning writing. Using anecdotes and a large dose of humor, Dr. Engel will reveal Churchill as an inspiring public figure and a touchingly human hero.

Dr. Engel’s presentations are fast-paced, fascinating and full of information. His previous talks on F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Bronte sisters, the Vanderbilt family and the history of the English language were to sold out crowds.

Guests can enjoy dinner with Dr. Engel prior to the talk or attend the talk only. Dinner begins at 6:30 pm and advance reservations are required. The talk begins at 7:30 pm and is open to the public.

$30 with Dinner • $15 Talk Only