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Old News
1/1/14 thru 2/8/14
Piedmont Arts

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Graphic designer Johnny Selman brings his critically acclaimed poster series BBCx365 and a collection of illustrations created for The New York Times to Piedmont Arts in the exhibit, Old News.

Selman created BBCx365 by designing one poster per day for 365 days. Each poster is based on a headline from the BBC morning news. Selman says the purpose of his project was “to open the eyes of the American public to international current events not often covered in our ‘domesticated’ news programming.” The project served as Selman’s MFA thesis project and gained national attention from BBC News, Guardian UK and GOOD Magazine among others.

Several of Selman’s original illustrations and designs for The New York Times will also be on display as part of Old News. Titled simply New York Times, these works were created for the newspaper's OP/ED, Book Review and Sunday Review sections from 2011 to 2013.