Garment for Remembering the Earth (detail), Jennifer L. Hand
July 31, 2021 - October 9, 2021

Leaves of the Tree

Sponsored by Lucy and Sergio Amato, Janice and Kelly Cain, Karen and David Jones, Donna and Richard Lawhon, Debbie and Ben Lewis, Ally and Joe Leizer, Nancy and Rob Spilman and Lynwood Artists

Charlie Brouwer and Jennifer L. Hand collaborated to create Leaves of the Tree, a unique exhibition based on life-giving tree leaves.

The title of the exhibition has many connotations for both artists. Their individual and collaborative works have always shared a general concern for humanity's relationship with nature and frequently depict trees, leaves, landscapes and skies. The title also alludes to their familial relationship as father and daughter.

An overarching concept of the exhibition is that we are all leaves of one universal Tree of Life. This is as timely as it is timeless. It reflects the artists’ interest in making art that inspires a sense of community and equality amongst all peoples as we strive to live together on this earth we call home. 

The installation includes hundreds of life-size leaves sewn from donated fabric, suspended from the ceiling and surrounding a large wooden tree trunk form that extends from the museum’s lobby into the galleries. 

Admission Free

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