Posted August 25, 2021

Call to Artists: MHC Benches Project

Request For Proposals: Due September 22, 2021

This call is directed to all visual artists, designers and art educators in Martinsville, Henry County and adjacent counties (Franklin, Patrick, Pittsylvania, and Floyd).

As a product of an AIR Shift Workshop held at Piedmont Arts, this project was conceived to provide a number (4-6 initially) of artist designed public benches to be placed at bus stops and other public locations around Martinsville and Henry County and serve as a pilot project for future public art projects in the area.

It is currently funded by the Harvest Foundation.

Artists and artist teams in Martinsville, Henry and adjacent counties will be considered in two groups:

1) artists/sculptors with demonstrated public art fabrication experience and

2) artists without any public art experience.

Artists in both categories will be assisted by a small team of public art fabricators and administrators to ensure the success of their projects.

Artists in both groups are encouraged, but not limited, to explore imagery that reflects the area’s history, heritage and aspirations.

Group 1: artist/s must submit a short resume, list of past public art projects with JPEGS of each.

A description of the proposed bench, with drawings and a list of materials and construction process.

Group 2: artists submit drawings that conform to a rectangular landscape format which will be translated into a 42”x17” bench back or seat.

Applicants in this group are encouraged to view the prototype bench installed at the Martinsville Library (below) in order to understand the dimensions and materials which will be used in their benches.

The submitted materials will be reviewed by a small committee of experienced public artists and arts administrators.

$500-1500 per bench, depending upon the number of finalists from Group 1 and 2.


  • September 8, 7 pm: Informational Meeting at Piedmont Arts. Explanation of project details and Q&A.
  • September 22: Submission materials due
  • September 27: Finalist notification
  • October 1: First payment to selected artists
  • On or before December 31, 2021: Installation deadline and inspection
  • December 31, 2021: Final payment to artists.


Mail submissions to:

Ed Dolinger

c/o Piedmont Arts

215 Starling Ave

Martinsville, VA  24112

QUESTIONS: Email questions to

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