Posted April 13, 2023

#watchusgrow: If walls could talk...

If walls could talk... Did you know that the historic house that is home to Piedmont Arts is more than 120 years old? Build around the turn of the 20th century by Colonel C.B. Bryant and his wife Malinda, the house was purchased by Michael "Big Mike" Shcottland around 1918. The Schottland family lived in the house for over 60 years before donating it to Piedmont Arts in 1981.

As with any century-old building, repairs must be made along the way to keep things in working order. When the foundation below what is now the museum's gift shop (it served as the Schottland's kitchen) began to collapse, the museum used funds from the Growth + Restoration Campaign to repair the foundation, raising the floor and ensuring the safety of the museum's visitors and staff. Without the Growth + Restoration Campaign important projects like this could easily go overlooked. The campaign gives the museum the security of knowing it can face any challenge that comes its way — whether it be tomorrow or in the next hundred years.

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