Lynwood Artists

Lynwood Artists

Lynwood Artists, a Community Partner of Piedmont Arts, is an organization for practicing artists in the Piedmont area. Its members share a desire to stimulate understanding and enjoyment of fine art and the artistic process, while providing area artists with opportunities to exhibit and further develop their talents.

If you are interested in art in any of its forms, consider becoming a member of Lynwood Artists. Membership ($15 per year) is open not only to practicing artists, but to anyone interested in the arts. 

Benefits of Lynwood Artists Membership:

  • Group meetings held at Piedmont Arts on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm
  • Eligible for Lynwood Artist Award in Expressions
  • Fellowship with other practicing artists
  • Information about art activities in neighboring areas
  • Lynwood Artists e-newsletter

Lynwood Artists Facebook Page

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