Piedmont Arts          

MHC After 3 Mural
Martinsville YMCA
3 Starling Avenue, Martinsville

Artist Ed Dolinger prepares the
mural for installation
During the summer of 2007 artist Ed Dolinger assisted students from the Martinsville Henry County After 3 (MHC After 3) in the creation a mural for the Martinsville YMCA. The mural was designed and painted by students and installed by Dolinger and Piedmont Arts' staff. The 8 - panel mural, which overlooks the YMCA playground, adds a wonderful pop of color to the YMCA building.

Uptown Farmers Market Mural
Uptown Farmer's Market
60 West Church Street, Martinsville

Mural Dedication at the Uptown Farmer's Market
After completing a 100 ft. mural for the Heifer Foundation in Arkansas in 2007, Betty LaDuke toured Martinsville and Henry County to create sketches of local people and places. These sketches were the inspiration for the large - scale mural, which LaDuke created for Piedmont Arts™ Public Art Exhibit. In 2009, LaDuke's mural was installed on the wall of 60 Church West Street in Uptown Martinsville, where it is in full view of the Uptown Farmer's Market.

In January 2009, high school students enrolled in MHC After 3/Upward Bound began meeting bi - weekly at Studio 107, located in Uptown Martinsville, under the guidance of local artist and instructor Celia Tucker. These students, inspired by LaDuke™s mural, designed and painted wood cutouts of figures in action, which were installed on stalls at the Uptown Farmer™s Market.

Both LaDuke™s mural and those by students from MHC After 3/Upward Bound will be displayed at the Uptown Farmer's Market for a minimum of 12 - 18 months.

NCI Mural
New College Institute
30 Franklin Street, Martinsville

In 2009, Piedmont Arts enlisted local graphic designer and artist John Stiles to create a contemporary mural design inspired by an historic photograph provided by NCI building owners, by Dr. and Mrs. Mervyn King. Taken around 1920, the photograph features a parade of elephants and other performers advertising the arrival of a circus in Martinsville. The mural's theme also incorporates its location in the Uptown Historic District, particularly its proximity to The Historic Courthouse and other significant buildings.

Though Stile's design has a fresh, contemporary look, which includes elements meant to grab the viewer™s attention, it also accurately depicts a familiar location and event in a time of historical, architectural and economic significance in our community™s past. It invites residents and visitors to seek out more information about the area™s history, while appreciating the updated look to the NCI building.

Upon Stile's move to Georgia to attend the Savannah College of Art at Design, Piedmont Arts commissioned local artist Jessie Ward to paint the NCI mural, following Stile's design. With the assistance of several helpers, Ward completed the mural in a one - month period finishing in the Fall of 2009.